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Koh Kong South Cambodia Coast

Koh Kong

Koh Kong is Cambodia’s most popular eco-tourist province. Located along the Southern border with Thailand. There are mountains, jungle, rivers and waterfalls. Also, there are beaches, mangroves and tropical islands. Koh Kong is mostly known as the passage town to and from Thailand, or a convenient stop-over for a visa run from Thailand. Located on [...]

Kbal Chhay Waterfalls

Located in Khan Prey Nup, about 16 kilometers north of the downtown Sihanoukville, Kbal Chhnay waterfalls could be reached by the site from Sihanoukville, take National Road 4 toward Phnom Penh. About 7 kilometers outside of town, there is a sign announcing the site. Turn left and go 9 kilometers along a trail. The water at [...]
Kompong Trach South Cambodia Coast

Kompong Trach

Kampong Trach is the district that borders Vietnam. You can pass through some picturesque rural areas while take on a road trip. There is a new side road to Kampong Trach town that skirts the base of Phnom Voar, (where the victims of the 1994 Khmer Rouge kidnappings were held.) These mountain areas of Kampong [...]
Kep South Cambodia Coast


Kep is a quiet town, located on hills overlooking the beaches and islands. There are not much to do here, however the scenery is fantastic.  Largely unpopulated, Kep was Cambodia’s original seaside resort town. Kep is a small seaside town, and similar to Vietnam’s beach, it’s just offshore. It’s a half hour drive from Kampot, [...]
Kampot South Cambodia Coast


This is a provincial capital nestled in the coastal mountains with stunning scenery, colonial architecture and whitewater rapids. Some attractions downtown, besides the riverfront, are the central market, small caveswith Buddhist shrines, and the football stadium.  Towards the ocean on the East side is theport of Kampot and many Cham Muslim communities and schools.  Across the river is Kampot’s Wat or [...]
Takeo South Cambodia Coast


Being the lakeside town between Phnom Penh and Kep. Takeo feels like the provincial capital Cambodia forgot it had. Takeo has a small waterfront area that faces east towards Vietnam and while it was once a bustling little port town, taking in volumes of trade from Vietnam that would arrived by canal, much now takes [...]
Ream National Park South Cambodia Coast

Ream National Park

Since 1995, Ream National Park has so far achieved a rare feat: thanks to vigilant, apparently uncorrupt rangers, they’ve managed to keep most of the mangroves, wildlife and beaches in pristine condition. The park’s 200 inhabitants have not been forcibly relocated (unlike similar schemes in Thailand) but have been allowed to stay and continue their subsistence fishing [...]
Sihanoukville South Cambodia Coast


Sihanouville is located on the coast of Cambodia, about halfway between Thailand and Vietnam, on the Bay of Thailand. It’s locally known as Kampong Som. A spread out tourist town for both foreigners and local people from all over the country. Three sides of the town are bordered by tropical beaches and islands. Filled with empty beaches, [...]