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Stoeng Treng (Stung Treng) Eastern Cambodia

Stoeng Treng (Stung Treng)

This is also a small town in northeastern Cambodia, and can easily be described as “outpost” more than anything else. Though this place is often given a couple of hour before rush to Kratie or north to Laos border, there are also many to see. You can spend a day relaxing by the river, watching [...]
Ban Lung Eastern Cambodia

Ban Lung

Ban Lung is a small capital town of Ratanakiri province in Eastern Cambodia. This is a heavily forested area which is home to 12 different ethnic minority groups, giving the province a sort of “edge of civilization” feel to it. Ban Lung is situated near some spectacular natural attractions such as: Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake. A [...]
Kompong Cham Eastern Cambodia

Kompong Cham

Kampong Cham is the capital of the province of the same name and the third largest city in Cambodia. With its Mekong River location and relatively close proximity to Phnom Penh (123km) and Vietnam, Kampong Cham has always been an important trade and transportation hub. The highway from Phnom Penh is in excellent condition-you can [...]
Mondulkiri Eastern Cambodia


If you wish to explore rich culture, experience breathtaking scenery, encounter wonderful people, then Mondulkiri is the place for you. Mondulkiri is the largest province of Cambodia but the population is low: about 40,000 people are living here. Located in the north-east of Cambodia , the hilly province of Mondulkiri is nestled against the border [...]
Kratie Eastern Cambodia


Kratie is a tiny town in northeastern in Cambodia. It is relatively remote and not heavily touristed, and there is no large scale tourism; however, plenty of backpackers may be seen here during the peak season. While spending time in this province, be mindful of yourself and your behavior as it is heavily rural. Do [...]