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Banteay Srei Temple Cambodia Pagoda, Temple

Banteay Srei Temple

Banteay Srei is the most spectacular masterpiece of architecture and sculpture in the 10th century. It is also considered the peak of art in South East Asia. The person in charge of this monument was a Hinduism priest named Yajnavaraha. This architectural complex is in the three rounds of citadel and three layers of gopura. [...]
Bayon Temple Cambodia Pagoda, Temple

Bayon Temple

The attack and devastation of army Cham contributed to rock the Hinduism tradition, which made the Angkor civilization lively in Angkor era to its foundation. Due to the fact that the King only took care of building temples but not the citizens’ lives, after the attack, Khmer people’s country was sunk in the disaster. At [...]
Emerald Pagoda in Phnom Penh Cambodia Pagoda, Temple

Emerald Pagoda in Phnom Penh

Located in the North of Cambodia royal palace, King City is also called “Silver Palace”. Inside this pagoda, there is a green statue of Buddhist which is carved from the whole gem stone of 0.5m high. This is one of the most precious objects in Cambodia. It is also the reason for the famous of [...]