Wat Bo

Location: Cnr Samdech Tep Vong St and Street 22 (East side of the river. Follow the road that continues from over Wat Bo bridge).

One of the oldest temples makes a nice contrast between the oldest and the glittering new ones though it the rough artwork wouldn’t match the craftsmen of Angkor. The architecture of the ramshackle open air hall next to the main building blends French style arches and balustrades with Thai influenced Buddhist details. A forest of chedi surround the main hall, inbetween frangipani trees and some fine topiary.

Wat Bo

Wat Bo temple also contains a large collection of Buddha statues that you will find behind the main Buddha.

Wat Bo is located on the east side of Siem Reap River and gives Wat Bo Area its name. Cross the Siem Reap River on the ‘Wat Bo Bridge’ next to La Residence d’Angkor and just follow Samdech Tep Vong Street. You need to cross the River Road Achar Sva Street as well as Wat Bo Road and then continue straight until you reach Wat Bo Pagoda.

Please always remember to not disturb prayer or eating times, women are not allowed to touch monks, bow slightly in the presence of older monks, don’t point soles of feet or fingers towards monks or Buddha statues, sit with feet tucked behind rather than crossed, hats off in the monastery grounds, take off your shoes in the building, speak softly, ask before taking pictures, don’t enter closed buildings without permission, contribute what you can to the donation box.

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