Ban Lung

Ban Lung is a small capital town of Ratanakiri province in Eastern Cambodia. This is a heavily forested area which is home to 12 different ethnic minority groups, giving the province a sort of “edge of civilization” feel to it.

Ban Lung

Ban Lung is situated near some spectacular natural attractions such as:

Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake. A 700,000 year old volcanic crater lake in the Yeak Laom (Yaklom) Commune Protected Area. The lake itself, as well as the surrounding areas, is considered sacred by the local tribal minorities, and many a legend abound about this lake. There are docks on the lake, and swimming and picnicking are options here. There is also a hiking trail which winds around the lake. Along the trail there is a visitors centre displaying some objects and folklore of the local hill tribes.

Wat Rahtanharahm. Located about 1 kilometer out of town at the base of Eisey Patamak Mountain. Past the Wat and up the hill about half a kilometer is a large reclining Buddha with a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.

Several waterfalls such as: Cha Ong is the most toured waterfall in the area, and is 18 meters high. The rock area behind the waterfall has been eroded away over the centuries by the waterfall, thus allowing you to walk behind the fall. Kan Chang is another fall, this one approximately 7 metres in height. It empties into a large pool in which it is possible to swim. Ka Tieng is a third waterfall, this one 10 metres tall, in the jungle which also allows swimming. Further out from town are Ou’Sean Lair Waterfall (about 26 km SE) with 4 tiers, Ou’Sensranoh Waterfall (about 9 km SE and 18m high), Veal Rum Plan stone field (about 14 km N) and another crater lake (about 35km SE). Each of these requires a 2,000 riel entry fee.

Ban Lung is also a mining area with gems dealers could be seen in the Banlung market.

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