If you wish to explore rich culture, experience breathtaking scenery, encounter wonderful people, then Mondulkiri is the place for you. Mondulkiri is the largest province of Cambodia but the population is low: about 40,000 people are living here. Located in the north-east of Cambodia , the hilly province of Mondulkiri is nestled against the border with Vietnam northeast of Phnom Penh and is home to several hill tribes like the neighboring Rattanakiri province.Known for its beauty with thickly forested hills and powerful waterfalls, Mondulkiri offers wonderful opportunities for Eco-tourism in Cambodia .


The province has the temperature vary between 23-29oC in dry season, and between 27 and 31oC in summer.

There are numerous tourist attractions such as waterfalls, indigenous culture, national parks and elephant trekking.

You may reach to the following places while coming to Mondulkori:

Bou Sra Waterfall, Sen Monorom Waterfall, Rum Near Waterfall, Chrey Thom Waterfall.

The Pou Lung village, Pou Taing village, Pou Trou village.

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