Kratie is a tiny town in northeastern in Cambodia. It is relatively remote and not heavily touristed, and there is no large scale tourism; however, plenty of backpackers may be seen here during the peak season.

While spending time in this province, be mindful of yourself and your behavior as it is heavily rural. Do not add to the already overwhelming amount of litter and discarded rubbish visible in and around town, and do not go swimming in a bikini.


In Kratie, you may visit Phnom Sombok, a nifty temple on the only hill near Kratie. A long set of steps lead to a pavilion, the interior of which is painted with more torture scenes, depictions of what happens to those not virtuous enough to lead a holy and clean lifestyle. Makes a good stop on the way back to or from the dolphins. As a little bonus you might catch a glimpse of the family of monkeys that lives around the temple. Free – but visitors are highly encouraged to leave a small donation toward upkeep of the temples.

There is also Sambor: a pre-Angkorian era settlement. The temples, among which is Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi (temple of 100 columns) contain several colourful murals that tell legends of nature, and other traditional Buddhist stories. The original structure is no longer standing, in its place is a reconstructed temple.

Town Museum, basket weaver villages, villages of the Mekong are also nice to visit with the situation along both sides of the Mekong river. If you like to catch some musical performance, you may come to Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

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