Koh Kong

Koh Kong is Cambodia’s most popular eco-tourist province. Located along the Southern border with Thailand. There are mountains, jungle, rivers and waterfalls. Also, there are beaches, mangroves and tropical islands.

Koh Kong

Koh Kong is mostly known as the passage town to and from Thailand, or a convenient stop-over for a visa run from Thailand. Located on the South-West corner of Cambodia, Koh Kong city, the capital of Koh Kong province, is a large forrested area with mangroves, rivers, and tropical islands.  Around the town is the Bay of Thailand, Koh Kong island, the country of Thailand, and mountains and jungles. It was listed as one of the best eco-tourism places in the world to visit by the guidebook Lonely Planet. There’s a few eco-tourist lodges outside the town in the jungle and on the rivers, and hundreds of kilometers of unspoiled jungles for the real adventurer.  Many destinations are only accessible by foot, boat, motorcycle or cow.

The people of Koh Kong, speak mainly Khmer (the Cambodian language), and most speak some Thai as well.  You can also find many Chinese and Vietnamese speakers and well as a lot of broken English.  Several Westerners have restaurants, bars, and tour services in Koh Kong, and they all speak English, as well as a host of other European and Asian languages.

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