Being the lakeside town between Phnom Penh and Kep. Takeo feels like the provincial capital Cambodia forgot it had.

Takeo has a small waterfront area that faces east towards Vietnam and while it was once a bustling little port town, taking in volumes of trade from Vietnam that would arrived by canal, much now takes easier and cheaper route by land, leaving the port area a shadow of its former self.


Outside of the waterfront area, there are a smattering of colonial villas dispersed across town, some of which are in surprisingly good condition, a lovely old wooden house that now houses the Red Cross, and in a small indication of the Khmer Rouge presence that was once here, Ta Mok has a glistening testament to his paranoia with a large house built to the north of town (reached by walking along an earthen levee and a footbridge).

The sole remaining attractions here would be to visit some of the outlying villages — easily done by motodop or by boat (in wet season), and to drink a few warm beers at the Stung Takeo Restaurant while watching the waterside life. A very low key and little visited town, Ta Keo would be worth an overnight stay if you have the time, but otherwise a trip out to Phnom Da and Angkor Borei merits at least consideration, as it can be done as a part of a long day trip from Phnom Penh — the road to the Cambodian capital is sealed and in good condition.

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