Overview Phom Penh

Overview Phom PenhPhnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia where is the gathering point of Mekong River, Tonle Sap River, Bacha River, and Tien Giang River. Phnom Penh was built in 1434 with the area of more than 70 km2. The East part of Cambodia is the ancient city; the West part is the new ancient city which is full of green tree all over the year. Its landscape is wonderful so that it is named “Pear of Asia”. Before the 8th century, this area is called “ Trat Da Moc” which is “four sides face the river”. In June of 1434, Cambodia moved the capital to this city, this city was changed to Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh begins from an old woman named Penh. It is told that: On a spring morning in 1372, Ms. Penh came to Mekong River to get water and saw a strange section of tree trunk drifting to the bank. She took that trunk and saw four sculpture of Buddhism made from white marble. She brought those sculptures to the peak of a mountain near that place to establish a temple (In Khmer language, mountain mean “Phnom”). Therefore, people in Cambodia called this mountain Ms. Penh (or Phnom Penh).

Phnom Penh is an ancient cultural city where there are many famous landscapes. Moreover, it is gathered in this area, which is old Royal Palace, Tower Mountain, Independence Memorial, and Pagodas which is charming with the tradition.

Phnom Penh is well-known with the architecture of French color. Phnom Penh is separated for two parts: Ancient and New City with the population of about 900,000. Phom Penh life is not crowded but the people are very friendly and hospitable. The atmosphere is pure here, and it is not polluted and crowded like other cities in Asia.

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